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Our BASED guidebooks create interactive paths for exploring Puerto Rico’s effervescent startup & innovation ecosystems.  Our physical and digital publications walk new residents and current entrepreneurs through the island’s business community and its leaders. Each edition provides an opportunity for each reader to interact with every leader as profoundly as they desire. Every entrepreneur, every space, every pillar, and every page has a more in-depth, more robust story accessible to the holder of each copy.

We’ve made sure your experience moving & building from Puerto Rico transcends our physical & digital copies. As you read & flip through each page, you can engage with more than just your fingertips, ears, and eyes. You can click, you can listen, you can talk, and you can sit down for coffee with everyone featured. As we continue to design more experiences & tours, the scope of places, people, and service provides will broaden.

Live & Learn

You may ask, how is this possible? That answer is simple. We have created an ecosystem where you can meet every leader and every space.  We have documented all audio & video form each of our interviews. We have curated experiences & tours that walk you through the doors with us by your side. You can click, read, listen, and see, but most importantly, you can take action. You can walk the cobble stoned streets of Old San Juan, hike the tropical peaks of the National Rainforest, and submerge yourself in the waters of our rivers and beaches when you need to unplug.

Our publications, although serious, aim to maintain a jovial and insightful approach to uncovering our island’s leaders. Hence, don’t be startled when a curated Spotify playlist pops up with curated reggaeton, or when the macron financial information of a company is shared. After all, business is supposed to be fun AND play, correct?


As you embark on your journey to found, scale, and move operations to Puerto Rico, you can count on us. The BASED publications & our team will go with you all throughout the way. We understand running a business and developing personally can be hard. It shouldn’t be.

This is why we’ve created a few solutions to complement and catalyze your growth. Yes, you can explore the island with its business leaders, but Puerto Rico is more than just business. Puerto Rico is an enchanted island rich in history, stories, culture, and lore. Most of it is yet untold, and that is why we implore you to step outside the entrepreneurial realm. Outside of real estate, co-working spaces, startups, nonprofits, taxes & incentives, there lies more!

Let’s walk together through the streets of our salsa capital. Let’s learn about the religions of the Caribbean. Let’s dance to Bomba & Plena. Let’s learn the secrets and the beauty of what it takes to get BASED in Puerto Rito.

Immersion & Experiences

1) Experiences

1-1 lunches to visiting pillars of the ecosystem, to gastronomy, arts & culture leaders. Single (3 Hours+) tours across Puerto Rico organized for individuals or small groups. 

2) Monthly Experiences

Monthly experiences to choose from. Coordinated tours so you learn about our culture & meet with other leaders in groups. 

3) Personalized Weaving

Gustavo & BASED team will be your guide, be it exploring locations with specified criteria, interviewing the top talent, or choosing the right areas to live & grow.

4) Page-By-Page Engagements

If a co-working space, entrepreneur, service provider, or pillar catches your attention, just click right through and get in touch. 

Let’s Stay In Touch!