Our Journey Begins Now. A Letter From the Founder.

Divergence. · (Di·ver·gence) · /dəˈvərjəns,dīˈvərjəns/ Drawing apart from a common point; diverging or causing divergence.



BĀSED. is not your conventional business magazine nor publication. We do not intend to share stories that are short or lack substance. We will not bore you with narratives that are common and that shy away from the complexities of doing business globally. Instead, we will be your guide to flourishing startup scenes that reach a diverse world of entrepreneurs, customers and workers – in the U.S., Caribbean, Latin America – wherever you may be or want to be.

Starting in Puerto Rico.

I founded BĀSED. knowing – through data and experience – that Puerto Rico holds the potential to transform into one of the top innovation and technological leaders in the world. It has done so in the past, and now, with the quickly changing global environment, it can do it again.

Puerto Rico is expanding fervently into the future because it must and it can do so since it has learned valuable lessons through adversity. Lessons with which other parts of the world are just now starting to grapple.

Our talent, our culture and our generation’s upbringing has uniquely shaped a community of resilient, resourceful and risk-taking leaders. They take the shape of brave entrepreneurs, impact leaders, investors, academics, cultural icons, a loyal and quickly growing diasporic community and industry titans.

Within the pages of this publication, and those to come, you will find stories that will prompt you to read, listen, watch and engage in unique ways. You can access these resources to expand your business, join upcoming events, explore necessary datasets and book your own in-person experiences.

Your Role as a Reader.

Our collaborative journey begins now. From our team to yours, this publication will put the stories of a growing ecosystem into your hands. But most importantly, the collective knowledge of all the leaders, innovators and magnates highlighted will be at your disposal.

Our only request of you is a call to action: Please take all that you learn in these pages to build, grow and use your Godgiven gifts and talents to help us build a better, stronger Puerto Rico.

Diverge From the Norm. Take Action.

With Courrage, Your Founder.

Gustavo Díaz-Skoff

Gustavo A. Díaz-Skoff is an entrepreneur born and raised in Puerto Rico’s startup ecosystem. Gustavo has over a decade of experience leading non-profit organizations, administering real estate ventures and consulting small family-owned businesses on the island. Gustavo completed his a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Babson College in Wellesly, Mass. He serves as the president and founder of BĀSED.